Oakfields – The Project

"oakfields-mill-hill-before"We were able to purchase the land at Oakfields in Mill Hill during the summer of 2010.

With no active husbandry for some time the woodland has become thick with sycamore and laurel. It has regretfully also been used as a dump for all manner of non biodegradable waste.

We have begun to clear out the non biodegradable rubbish. With the biodegradable waste we have begun to create woodpiles and brush collections. These will be resources for invertebrates as well as nesting sites. Birds are already beginning to create nesting sites.

Through active and sustainable management we intend to encourage the health of the older trees in the wood, as well as encourage wildlife habitat.

This is a long term project, taking several years rather than months. Our initial 6 months shows some promise and we hope to have more photographic evidence of this very soon


Please be mindful of our arboriculturalist, and his use of arborial machinery. He is constantly working on dead and dying trees.

We intend to update the Oakfields Mill Hill site on a regular basis